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Here at PantherFx Trading our goal is to simplify Forex learning and dive straight to what is important to you all, that is to become profitable traders.

Our business model is based on this and not only do you receive learning, strategies and support from the PantherFX team you receive support from the whole of PantherFX traders via our Forum, this is so important as having a collective view on the market and you seeing posts of possible set ups makes life and trading so much better, and easier missing less profitable trading opportunity`s.

Trader - Educator - Founder

I have been trading for the best part of 9 years, and learning many different ways to trade, overall my own journey has been good, not having large finances had limited my losses to the point I become profitable.

Documenting my trading journey has for sure been a big part of me becoming profitable,  this is because a lot of information out there is not required, it will cloud your decision making, I had to filter out this material, doing this allowed me to better my trading and share my trading skills with others through the founding of PantherFX Trading.

Focusing on easy learning and rule based trading is key, and keeping your trading simple, enjoyable and profitable.

What i am as a trader and what my journey has molded me to become, is a disciplined, focused, and determined trader, this helps me, help you.

Some Doors You Should Not Close

PantherFX Trading Is One Of Those Doors...

Your Success Is Our Success.

I am 44 years of age, married with children, I was born and still live in the North West of England.

My Passions / Hobbies are Trading, Football and 

Formula 1.... 

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Everton Football Club

Mercedes Team


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