Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes; we accept PayPal as this is a safe transaction for both you and PantherFx.

I have no experience trading, is this ok?

Yes; You are welcome as our business model is built on educating all levels of traders, from new to experienced.

Can I contact you with questions?

Yes; Any questions you have, me and my team are here for you and not only us the members within the Forum are all apart of the PantherFX family and support each other. Feel free to message at any time. pantherfxtrading@yahoo.com

What are Trade Alerts?

Carry on with your day, as we Alert all members of Trade Forecasts and Strategy set ups as we see them. We then Alert all members in real time when we have placed our own positions allowing members to focus more on there studing and there day to day life.

What is Forex?

Forex (FX) is the marketplace where various national currencies are traded. The Forex market is the largest most liquid market in the world, with trillions of dollars changing hands everyday. There is no centralised location, rather the Forex market is an electronic network of banks, brokers, institutions and individual traders, ( mostly trading through brokers or banks ).

Are your strategies consistant?

Our Strategies are time based and make us consistent profits in the market, we target around 50 pips per day which we achieve in one session with minimum risk. On average with minimum risk we can achieve 25 pips in Asia 30 pips in London 50 pips in New York Scaling in and compounded this has huge pertential gains. Note: Market Conditions Vary So The Above Targets Can Change. and why we have mastered our strategy across 6 currency pairs, giving us ample oportunities to take from the markets.

What if this is not for me? Will you Refund Me?

Cancel within 24 hours and we will refund 100% of your money within 24 hours of joining us, Guaranteed.

Why are your costs REDUCED?

6 Trillion Dollars per day are exchanged in the Financial Market, as a Trader my mind is focused on taking some of that 6 Trillion Dollars, as a business owner I have a passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others, however the business has costs and costs need paying for, I keep my fees to a minimum this gives back to Traders that don`t have the funds to pay for expensive educational fee`s. Scammers and Fake Profitable Traders Charging the Earth is also a big factor on why my costs are so low, and will stay low. By charging very little, kicks back at the scammers and fake businesses, while putting a smile on us genuine retail traders.

Why PantherFX Trading

What we offer you at PantherFX Trading, is the Detail, the EDGE required to become a profitable trader you are going to receive Time & Money in a way that we save you Time & Money, this is the ultimate reason why my services are offered to you, as my number one is... Trading My Own Accounts..., my passion is educating, and helping others.... YouTube videos will teach you so much but not the Detail not the Edge required and you will have a slim chance of ever becoming profitable...by just watching YouTube videos... it had taken me my first few years trading to relise this. Thinking of Forex Trading as a Russion Doll with 10 dolls inside, each doll inside is a sub catogory..... Bearish, Bullish, Ranging Entry Exits Trade Management Risk Management Strategies , Trend Lines, S&R, S&D and so on.... Each of these Sub Catogotys also have 10 dolls inside each of them and this is the detail within these Sub Catogorys you will not find or experience by watching YouTube Videos...alone. this is why we need the knowledge and experience from those who have failed and got back up before us.... this is how we have evolved through out history and it is no different with trading. Forex has so many layers it is designed to take your money...Fact....However... When traders find genuine mentors, educators you will be fine tuned to no when to enter, how to enter, how to manage your position, how to exit your position, how to compound, how to compound at trade level, how to forecast with accuracy,.... here at PantherFX you are not just paying for a strategy, you are not just paying for a proven back tested strategy... you are paying for DETAIL.... Time Saved , Money Saved from future losses. Profit From Forex.... Profit With PantherFX


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